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About Chadwick Bay Ballers Developmental Baseball Organization (rev.08/22/19)


Our Vision


Established in the summer of 2019, by Paul Trippy Jr. of Dunkirk, NY, our vision is to provide a positive baseball development atmosphere by organizing our travel baseball teams for ages 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, and 12u. We plan on hosting regularly scheduled practices from September to July. Our intentions are to participate in one or more local travel leagues, (Southtowns and or Premier) and multiple optional tournaments no further than 4 to 6 hours away from Western New York. A major advantage of travel baseball versus “house” to consider is that players will face their same aged players throughout the season. No players will be refused for their skill levels. all players must be 12 or under as of May 1st, 2020. Players will be eligible for playing on multiple teams if the player, families, coaches and administration agree.

Our Objectives

Our objectives will be to concentrate on practice, while working with Little League Baseball and School Baseball. Little League and school ball will take precedence over travel, and we do not plan on scheduling tournaments that will compete with little league's regular season schedule. We also intend on allowing flexibility for all players, especially those involved in other sports. Our main objective is to promote good citizenship, leadership, teamwork, and responsibility while learning and playing competitive baseball. Our intentions are to have larger rosters and multiple age teams from 8u to 12u so that there can be advancement opportunities for players, and to guarantee fielding a roster for games. benefits of larger rosters are listed in this article. (ours is modified some) ***


***Roster Sizes: We intend on having larger rosters, for example 15 players per team and will inform all players that they will sit a little. The main reason most travel teams don’t have big roster sizes is because parents and players don’t want them. Small rosters ensure lots of playing time for athletes and maximizes the number of innings per dollar spent for parents. We are making it clear upfront at our that our roster sizes will hopefully be big, at least, bigger than the common 11-12 man travel ball roster. Our main reason for the bigger rosters is directly tied into arm care and player development. Every year there comes a week (often multiple times throughout the season) where a player gets injured and misses significant time, maybe is even out for the rest of the summer. Another player has a 7 on 7 football tournament, another has a 10-day mission trip, and another a family vacation that has been on the calendar for months. Next thing you know, a 12-man roster is struggling to put a team on the field. Even a 14-man roster is now down to 10 players Take that situation into games 3 and 4 of the weekend and it becomes next to impossible for the coach to act rationally and in the players’ best interests when it comes to arm care and development. With all of our teams, we shoot to have 15 players per team. There may also be players that will primarily only pitch. This is not the case every year with all of our teams, but could happen. In our opinion, the only way to make sure our coaches can make decisions that have the best interest of the players in mind, is by having more bodies.


We are fortunate to have experienced and dedicated coaches committed to our program within weeks of its inception, and will be always looking for coaches, instructors, helpers, team parents and or whoever may be interested in helping at any capacity. All prospective coaches will be required to pass a background check. Coaches will also need a coaching certification, USA Baseball “A” certification at a minimum. Assistance will be provided to coaches to acquire the certification easily and free of charge. Coaches will be encouraged to meet monthly via phone or in person to discuss team and player progress will be documented regularly. Coaches may be eligible for stipends. details will be provided in our meetings and as we move along.

Arm Care

Player’s arm care will not be optional. Pitch counts will count regardless of travel, “house”, or school. Players and or parents are to submit pitch counts to our staff after their game is played. Our pitching philosophy will be for pitchers will to “just throw strikes.” Our practices will include some pitching for all players. Certain pitching drills will be taught to players so that they can be practiced easily at home.


Practices will be held at least once a week from September until July, and less often from Mid-May until Mid-June during most little league’s regular seasons. We will make every effort to provide and adhere to a practice schedule made in advance. We intend on having numerous practices indoors due to our constant changing weather. Most practices will be held in the Dunkirk/Fredonia area and we are pursuing our own location. Ideas for prospective locations are encouraged throughout the season. Depending on player’s hometown, practices may be held at other locations on occasion. Players may practice on different days from others. Weekly practices will be optional. Players are reminded the importance of practicing to become more competitive. Players will be encouraged to attend at least one practice per month. If unable to make practices, please relay the reasoning to the coaching staff before or immediately after. Football schedules, soccer schedules, etc. are considered valid reasons not to attend. Initially, there may be joint practices of all ages until the rosters are filled and set.

Playing Locations

We will hub from the Chadwick Bay area, (Northern Chautauqua County) and no players will be refused for their skill level. There will also be no residency requirements. 


Prospective Schedule and Optional Tournaments


Hopefully teams will travel to multiple locations within driving distance for tournaments and/or games. we are also interested in participating in either or both of the Southtowns League and Premier Travel Baseball League in Western New York. Due to the commitment needed, our desired larger rosters will make it so that players are not expected to play every game. There will be sign-ups when the prospective schedules come out so that if anybody has a conflict, the coaching staff will know in advance. We intend on participating in multiple tournaments no farther than 6 hours from Western New York. Some indoor tournaments will be held from November until April. We hope to field teams to attend these great opportunities that come up. Most are Saturday/Sunday only. These tournaments will be completely optional. We understand that there will be higher costs involved, and players that plan on participating will have to contribute additionally for the tournament. Hopefully fund-raisers and sponsorships can offset the costs so that players will not have to contribute. The Spring/Summer outdoor tournaments will also be optional and additional unless fund-raising and sponsors can assist.


We will be a “pay to play” organization. “Tuition” will be $30 per month, billed monthly for 11 months. The first 2 months will be due by October 1, 2019. “Tuition” will cover practice facilities, insurance, equipment, travel leagues entrance fees, umpire fees and coaches/instructors stipends if needed.  Anyone choosing to pay “tuition” yearly will be provided a one month discount. Recurring payments will be a preferred option. We intend on holding multiple fund-raisers. some fund-raising will benefit the organization, and personal sponsorships, fund-raisers, and or donations may possibly be used to offset a player’s tuition or tournament costs. Further details will be provided as we progress. The organization’s finances will be transparent and made available to all parents in real-time. All families are urged to account for sponsors/donations.

Board of Directors

We will be looking for parents and coaches yearly to participate as members of the Board of Directors that will meet quarterly. The Board of Directors meeting will have a set agenda, and will be to review and discuss the well being of the organization. The Board of Directors may also have power for disciplinary situations we hope not to have.


We will require players and parents to sign the Chadwick Bay Ballers Code of Conduct. There will be a three strike discipline policy for players. If a player receives a strike, they will immediately be benched for their next entire inning, and if their position in the lineup is up that inning, they will not bat and the team will be charged with an out. Reasons for a strike would be arguing with anybody, throwing of any equipment, or other things detrimental to the team and image. After a second strike, the player will not be allowed to finish the game, and or may not play in the next scheduled game after a decision made by the coaches and Organization President. Strikes will be documented, and 3 months of no strikes will eliminate the players last strike. After a third strike, the team coaches, Organization President and Board of Directors will consider the players removal from the team with no refunds.

Playing Age Determination Link

This organization is in the startup phase, and we do expect growing pains. Baseball is a very difficult game. The best players hit the ball ⅓ of the time. Errors happen at every level. We encourage input as much as possible and we will demand respect to be given throughout the organization. Baseball is a game, games are meant to be fun. Thank you for your interest, and let's play ball!



Organization Owner/Coaching Assistant - Paul Trippy Jr. 

Coaches - Bill Berkshire, Patrick Brandt, Richie Langer, Brian Madurski, Evan Morales, David Newcomb Jr., and Michael Norton.


Organization President - Paul Trippy Jr.

Vice President - Patrick Brandt

Board of Directors - Lynn Hoth, Cheryl Trippy, All interested coaches, more to come.

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PRACTICE SCHEDULE as of 10/25/19

USSSA Sanctioned 12u Team